Marylyn’s Home Improvement

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“Operation: Marylyn’s Home Improvement”

We first met Marylyn while filming the “Poverty? or Prosperity in the Philippines? Court of Opinion” series. Marylyn and her family showed us kindness hospitality and charm.

After seeing their living conditions several subscribers reached with donations to help provide Marylyn and her brother with safe shelter from the weather and others hazards.

We were proud to be able to enclose Marilyn’s living quarter and provide such an improvement for the laddar with an expenditure of only $260 USD.

UPDATE: However, we were recently notified that Marilyn’s family is facing eviction due domestic government development.  We are hoping to raise $10,000 to be on standby to purchase materials to help Marilyn’s family build a more practical home with a workspace to accommodate the family’s business.  Any money raised will be utilized towards the purchase of building materials and hiring local labor as needed.

Our goal is to be practical and logical while not interfering with their normal standard of living.