The Story of Gel (Part 3)

The Story of Gel (Part 3)

The story of Angel or “Gel” as everyone knows her is quite a fascinating one and just proves to show how one chance meeting can change lives in a very meaningful and impactful way..

In search of the old time gunmakers in the Danao Mountains

A friend on I decided we would spend one of his last days in the Philippines taking a ride up the Danao mountains in search of the old time gunmakers that used to be prevalent in the area but have since become hard to find.

I figured if we could find one and interview them it would make good content for my YouTube channel as well as enlighten me to the old ways and traditions. As a foreigner now residing in the Philippines I want to explore the heritage and culture and assimilate myself into my surroundings with a better understanding of their lives.

Finding the gunmakers was a shot in the dark and we missed

Needless to say even though we are sure they still exist up there somewhere, let’s just say we couldn’t find anyone that was forthcoming with information on how to find them. In hindsight its probably a blessing because after all we were two middle aged men on motorbikes bikes armed with video cameras and drones. The outcome may have been more than we bargained for.

What we did find was something extremely rare and special

We stopped at a Sari Sari store for some cigarettes and beer and of course to ask store clerk for information on the gunmakers like we did everyone else. Again, know one new anything about them but we did meet a great group of friendly people who seemed to be extremely excited we were all the way up in there small community with our fancy toys.

During our conversation with the group we met Angel¬† or “Gel” as her friends call her. Gel is an extremely intelligent young lady with an amazing personality and believe it or not speaks almost perfect English.

A change of plans that literally changed some lives forever

After talking to Gel and the others for a while she offered to give us a tour of the local community and of her family’s store and garden. Since we obviously weren’t going to find any gunmakers and I’m interested in the Filipino culture and traditions I gladly agreed.

After all this was a personal inside look at a very different and simple life up in the mountains. She showed us the store and discussed the family’s banana business then proceeded to bring us on a long hike further up the mountain to the family flower garden.

I documented the process and uploaded it to my YouTube channel and what happed next, believe me nobody saw coming. Watch the video below and be sure to read part 2 of the story.